Transforming the automotive industry

With the Mobility space getting revolutionized by electric power-train, we did not want to miss this opportunity. and also ,we did not want to adapt the conventional approach of building another electric scooter or bike just to be in the game of e-mobility market .

Hence we decided to work on Idea-ting FRUGAL Solution’s for accelerated adaption of electric mobility and our decision was to address the existing 30 million plus scooter market with a novel electric solution which can be easily fitted on them.

Adaption/ Fitting of the kit can be done with in 30 mins. And this adaption is reversible, ie if the user is not satisfied whole electric system can be removed and can go back to petrol only scooter without any cutting /welding / fabrication job.



To evolve as an Innovative company and most prefered partner for components. Sub-systems and systems for the domestic and global Auto transporation industry through "FRUGAL INNOVATION"


Develop Products and solutions driving sustainability and profitability

Focus on Electric Mobility Components Value chain and solutions


Simplification in all aspects of process resulting in incredible Simplification

FRUGAL Innovative Automotive solutions

Core competency

MAC has been envisaged as an Automotive Start-up company which will serve domestic and international customers through solutions which are a result of “FRUGAL INNOVATION through Engineering “ at all levels.

We are automotive Product Company driven by Innovation and Passion. with In-house Capability to Design, Develop products for automotive application.

MAC solutions will be robust and retrofit able which will meet the customer requirement of performance, Endurance and Reliability at competitive cost.

  • Product innovation and intellectual property
  • Product encouraging & integrations
  • Electrical design simulation and verification
  • Automotive component design and developement

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One Way Clutch for Petrol bikes Launched


EZEE HYBRID -Inception


EZEE HYBRID – Design and Development


  • One Way Clutch for Electric Bicycle application Launched .
  • COVID –Respirator developed


  • EZEE HYBRID Launch
  • Smart e Conversion – Bike electrification solution launch