Convert Existing Petrol Scooters to Electric - Hybrid - Smart - Scooters


Why Ezee hybrid?

Retrofittable Electric Hybrid conversion kit for existing petrol scooter

The kit, once fitted in a petrol scooter, turns the vehicle into an electric Hybrid scooter. As the name says ‘Hybrid’, the scooter can be driven in both- electric and petrol mode selectively along with the smart features and safety of IOT

No Range Anxiety- Hybrid

40% Low cost of owner ship

Convert Existing Scooters

Positive Vehicle waste Management

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KIT includes
  • Wheel Mountable Hub Motor
  • Sinwave controller
  • Telematics Board
  • Integrated throttle with information display screen
  • Lithium Battery Pack-1 Kw
  • IP 65 Combined connector & cables
Technical Specifications
  • Motor: 1KW BLDC Hub Motor
  • Electric Vehicle speed: 50 Km/hr
  • Electric range: 40 Km
  • Removable Battery
  • IOT Enabled
  • IP 65 Rated
IOT features
  • Range and battery power
  • Location tracking
  • Carbon credit
  • Savings calculator
  • Geo fencing
  • Support

Allowing it to switch between petrol or diesel mode to electric mode easily. Moreover.


The kit is universal and can be suited for most scooters with 10-inch and 12-inch steel wheel. It includes a removable lithium battery which can be charged with domestic power socket or regular power plugs