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    Design and develop overrunning clutch / One way clutch for two wheeler application
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    Basic design offered by Meladath Auto Components is Patent Filed and offers higher value propositions.
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    One way clutch meeting international quality

Why Meladath auto components..?

Design Capability

Capable of designing Roller One way clutch for Two wheeler engine varying from 50c to 500cc engine capacity and which are adaptable for wet or dry application.

Development Capability

Ability to develop functional prototype within 4 weeks from the date of order placement .

Testing Capability

Product developed can be tested at accredited labs as per customer DVP with variable loads with higher frequency to evaluate Torque Versus Life capability.

Inhouse Barrel Development and Final Assembly

Associated with a reputed Automotive Manufacturer with cold forging facility to develop and supply outer barrel required for assembly ensures better quality and reliability.

Benefits of MAC design

Increased reliability

Compact design with Lesser parts and Proven design in Two wheeler application makes the MAC One Way Clutch more reliable .

Easier assembly

Compact Design with no loose parts makes the MAC One Way Clutch easy to assemble

Lower weight

Reduction of loose components and application of high end polymer ensures minimum weight saving of 15% compared with the competition.

compact solution

With just 4 components MAC One Way Clutch is the most compact solution in the market.

Robust design

With over Decade of design experience every failure modes in Application is addressed making the MAC One Way Clutch most Robust solution.
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MAC one way clutch basic function

Roller Ramp Design

Roller Ramp clutches consist essentially of an outer race with a cylindrical inside diameter, an inner race with ramps, and a set of rollers which are individually spring loaded to provided contact between the rollers and both races. This arrangement assures instant action at all running speeds and guarantees immediate driving capability whenever one of the two races rotates with respect to the other in the drive direction

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